October 2010

Are you one of Canada's smoothest talkers?

Expedia.ca along with Second City's Sandy Jobin-Bevans challenge Canadians to smooth talk their way to Vegas

TORONTO – Oct. 26 /CNW/ –How smooth are you? Do you use charm, quick-thinking and even flattery to talk your way out of any situation? Starting today, Expedia.ca is on a quest to find one of Canada's smoothest talkers in the Expedia.ca Smooth Talk Your Way to Vegas contest. With nine-time Canadian Comedy Awards winner and Second City's improv extraordinaire, Sandy Jobin-Bevans leading the way, Canucks will be asked to think on their feet and put their wit to test online (www.SmoothTalkToVegas.ca) for a chance to compete in a live smooth-talking showdown in fabulous Las Vegas.

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