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Toronto, On - September 22, 2008 - Canadians who have always dreamed of a life-changing travel adventure now have the opportunity to make their dream a reality with Expedia.ca's Life Changing Travel contest. Beginning today until October 10, Canadians can visit www.lifechangingtravel.ca to upload a short video describing their ultimate life-changing travel experience for a chance to take their desired trip this fall/winter, courtesy of Expedia.ca.

What is life-changing travel?
The basic definition of "travel" is to go from one place to another, but travel can mean so much more and many travellers return from a trip as different people. Whether it enables self-discovery, helps one overcome adversity or make a difference in the world, a life-changing trip holds the promise of opening people's eyes to a world of possibilities.

"Travel is a powerful thing - whether it's an all-inclusive vacation on the beach, a road trip across the country or an ocean cruise - every trip has the potential and power to change your life," says Jamie Zeppa, award-winning Canadian author of Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan. The experiences brought on by travel can alter a traveller's views on life and change their perspective; broaden their understanding of the world and its people while introducing them to new cultures, foods, music and beliefs.
A panel of expert judges, including author Jamie Zeppa, will evaluate all video submissions based on whether the proposed trip enables self-discovery, helps to overcome adversity and/or makes a difference in the world. Three lucky winners will be selected and contacted in late October. Visit www.lifechangingtravel.ca for full details.

Here are some tips from Expedia.ca for inspiring life-changing travel:

  • Follow your gut.Plan to visit a place that you have a feeling for; maybe it's a country you've always felt inexplicably drawn to, a city that you absolutely love, or a place that you've been curious about since childhood. Do your research and choose a trip that feels right for you.
  • Write it down.Though your experiences may seem unforgettable, even the best memories can fade with time. Keep a travel journal to capture the daily details of your trip - think about what you see, hear, taste and smell - so that you can reflect on your trip when you return home.
  • More than words can say.Writing is not for everyone. If keeping a journal doesn't suit you or your trip, try something else. Instead, make lists of your favourite cafés or restaurants, the best spots to watch the sunset, or descriptions of photos you've taken. Try sketching too, and don't be discouraged if you're not a natural artist. Sometimes sketching can be the best way to record experiences and feelings that cannot be captured through text.
  • Take the bad along with the good. Just remember that the challenges you face on a life-changing trip are part of the adventure. Sometimes getting lost isn't such a bad thing!
  • Continue your journey.Your journey doesn't have to end when your trip does. There is so much more you can learn about yourself when you return home. Take the time to reflect on your experiences, gain new perspectives and let yourself be transformed.

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