Survey Reveals Canadian Couples Need To Take Their Relationship On Vacation

More than 60 per cent of Canadians surveyed think time away with their partner would improve their relationship

MONTREAL, QC – September 19, 2006 – A new survey by™/Ipsos Reid shows that Canadian couples are not getting enough vacation time together. Over half (53 per cent) of couples have not vacationed together in the last year, including 13 per cent that have never taken a vacation together! Although Canadian couples struggle to find the time to get away, they agree it is beneficial for a healthy relationship. Six in 10 (62 per cent) couples believe time away with their partner would likely improve their relationship.

"The hectic pace and demands of daily life can take their toll on relationships, resulting in couples feeling disconnected from each other," says Canadian relationship expert and couples counselor Owen Williams. "Fall is a great time of year for couples to vacation because it's considered the unofficial ‘New Year'. Couples can resolve to leave behind the stresses of everyday life and spend time together renewing their love for each other and bringing romance back into the relationship."

Who is most likely to take time away together?
Not surprisingly, the survey reveals that three-quarters of couples (73 per cent) with children at home believe their relationship would benefit from an adults-only vacation, compared to just 57 per cent of those without children at home. Young lovers also tend to be more optimistic about the positive effects of vacations on their relationship with 74 per cent of young adults aged 18 to 34 agreeing, compared to 47 per cent of adults over the age of 54. Additionally, relationship length appears to affect couples' perceptions of a vacation's benefits. Three-quarters (74 per cent) of couples in a relationship of less than five years think a vacation would improve their relationship, compared to 59 per cent of those who have been in a relationship for five years or more.

Take the time to vacation this Fall
Over half (55 per cent) of Canadians think September is a great time to renew and re-connect with each other on vacation. With summer's end and the kids back in school, couples can now turn attention to their own needs as a twosome and get away together before the holidays, the next prime time family travel season. Taking a vacation is one of the best ways for a couple to rediscover their love for each other and the relationship. According to Williams, to maintain a healthy relationship, couples need to make a commitment to ‘courting' each other and recapturing the thrill of that first vacation taken together.

Four in ten (39 per cent) Canadians in a relationship have vacationed without their partner in the past and six per cent of couples regularly take separate vacations. While it's a common problem that couples don't get enough vacation time together, sometimes a relationship can benefit from time apart. If vacation expectations and interests differ it can be beneficial to the relationship to plan a separate vacation along with a couple's getaway to ensure each partner's needs are met. Here's who is most likely to vacation separately:

  • Couples from British Columbia are most likely to have taken separate vacations (53 per cent vs. 39 per cent national) and Albertans are most likely to consider doing so (17 per cent vs. 10 per cent national)
  • Couples from upper income households of $60,000 or greater are most likely to have taken separate vacations (44 per cent vs. 34 per cent without)
  • Couples without kids are most likely to take separate vacations (41 per cent with kids vs. 34 per cent with kids)
  • Couples that have been together less than five years are more likely to consider taking separate vacations (16 per cent vs. 8 per cent that have been together five plus years)
  • Couples 18 to 34 are more likely to consider taking separate vacations (14 per cent vs. 8 per cent of those who are older).

Love is in the air when planning an adult getaway
Canadians are all over the map when deciding on the perfect getaway. makes it easy to choose your adults-only vacation this fall with the Adult Getaway Sale, saving up to 20 per cent off your hotel when you stay three nights or more!

  • Sand and surf– 43 per cent of Canadian couples prefer all-inclusive sunny vacations. A sandy beach, a great hotel and that special someone. What more could you ask for?
  • Discovery and romance– 17 per cent of couples would like to take a trip visiting several cities. Rediscover love in the quintessential cities of romance such as Paris, Rome, Madrid and many more!
  • Bon appétit- 20 per cent of couples would prefer a romantic escape, so treat your honey to a well-deserved getaway with fine wines and fine dining in Niagara or Quebec.
  • Bright lights- Indulge your special someone with a trip to New York, Las Vegas, Toronto, Montréal or another great urban hotspot.

Tips for travelling together

  • Plan the trip together.Before you leave, agree on a destination and itinerary that meets your needs as an individual and as a couple. Negotiate vacation expectations such as how much time to spend together as a couple and on your own.
  • Plan to pack.Packing can be a flashpoint for couples embarking on a vacation, so make sure to start the packing process several days beforehand to relieve the stress of going away.
  • Budget it out.Mismatched expectations about spending can cause conflict on vacation. Create a budget to make sure you are both comfortable with what you do and buy while you're away.
  • Leave the Blackberry at home.The Vacation Deprivation Survey shows Canadians hand back two vacation days to employers each year – don't give them more while your partner waits for you by the pool!
  • Don't pack the problems.Arguments can be exacerbated by travel and busy tour schedules. Try to discuss issues to clear the air before taking a vacation.

Survey Methodology
Ipsos Reid – Canada
These are the findings of an Ipsos Reid/ online survey conducted September 7 - 10, 2006. The survey was conducted among a representative randomly selected sample of 1656 adult Canadians in a relationship; that is, married, living common-law, or dating. With a sample of this size, the results are considered accurate to within ±2.4 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. The margin of error will be larger within regions and for other sub-groupings of the survey population. These data were weighted according to Census data. Please visit for full tabular results.


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