Expedia.ca Unveils New Ways to Help Customers Book Hotels and Activities

- Travellers can now narrow hotels by amenities and easily book destination activities --

TORONTO, ON – December 17, 2004 – Expedia.ca, one of Canada’s leading online travel services, has introduced two new online resources to help Canadians efficiently choose their next hotel or destination activity. Travellers now have the ability to narrow down and prioritize hotels based on the amenities they offer. Expedia.ca is also making it easier to book destination activities, attractions, and services by introducing a separate “activities” tab.
“Our focus remains on making it easier for customers to research, evaluate, and book travel,” said Sean Shannon, Managing Director, Expedia Canada. “With these new features, Expedia.ca is giving customers additional ways to help them find the perfect hotel and destination activity for their trip. Also, our hotel and activity partners are given additional avenues to differentiate their products. It’s a win-win situation.”
Helping Customers Find the Perfect Hotel
Expedia.ca customers have rich resources at their fingertips to help evaluate and select the right hotel for their trip — including photos, virtual tours, maps, flexible rate calendars, room layout views, and more. Expedia.ca continues to innovate the hotel booking experience by introducing a new hotel amenities filter that allows customers to narrow down search results to show only those hotels with the chosen amenities. Travellers can simply search for hotels in the chosen destination and then click on the “narrow search by choosing amenities” icon found at the top of the search results page. Customers can select from a list of 13 hotel services and amenities, including high-speed Internet access, swimming pools, free parking, pets accepted, and more — and the resulting amenity-filtered search results will make the decision of where to stay that much easier.
Only Expedia.ca lets travellers see how many hotels will appear in the search results for all of the chosen amenities. Next to each amenity is a number showing how many hotels with that particular feature will appear in the search. As additional amenities are selected, the number of hotels that meet all criteria will appear next to the search button, ensuring that each search yields results that bring consumers closer to finding the perfect hotel.
Ensure the Best Vacation Experience: Easily Add Activities to Your Vacation!
In addition to flight, hotel and car arrangements, Expedia.ca has also helped people book over 200,000 in-destination activities, attractions, and travel services for their trips since 2002. Activities can include everything from the adventurous (swimming with sharks, mountain biking, sand surfing) to the practical (dinner reservations, museum tickets, and airport ground transportation); from the romantic (sunset cruises, weddings) to the family-friendly (theme park and Broadway show tickets).
Expedia.ca’s new “Activities” page — www.expedia.ca/activities now allows customers to book activities, attractions, and services during any part of the trip research, planning and booking process, allowing travellers to save time and money by booking ahead. The Activities page provides ample inspiration, with over 2,000 compelling offerings in more than 250 regions worldwide, including categories like Air & Land Adventures, Spa & Beauty, Culinary Experiences, and Water Activities.
Expedia’s leadership in this category has also led to a number of exclusive activities that are only available through Expedia. For example, Expedia is proud to be the only online travel site to offer Zero Gravity’s weightless flight experience. Travellers can take a vacation into outer space, courtesy of an exclusive partnership between Expedia and Zero Gravity Corporation of Fort Lauderdale. After a training session conducted by a veteran astronaut, customers board a Boeing 727, climb to an altitude of 34,000 feet, and then enjoy a series of exciting pitches and dives that replicate the experience of floating in space. As part of the activity fee, the space travellers will be welcomed back to earth with a re-gravitation party. Find this once-in-a-lifetime activity and more at www.expedia.ca/activities.

About Expedia.ca

Expedia Canada Corp., a subsidiary of Expedia, Inc., operates one of Canada’s leading full-service online travel services, Expedia.ca. To help Canadians plan and purchase travel, Expedia.ca provides the best combination of scheduled and charter flights, car and hotel reservations, vacation packages, destination activities, travel insurance and mapping information.
Expedia.ca customers are supported by customer support agents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via a toll-free number and email response.


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