Canadians Cash Out of Las Vegas Casinos, Cash Into Shows

Canadians Cash Out of Las Vegas Casinos, Cash Into Shows

 Las Vegas’ world-famous strip may have attracted more than 37 million visitors last year[1], however according to a recent survey by the country’s largest online travel provider ™, Canadians are not flocking to Sin City simply to test their fortunes with elusive Lady Luck.  According to the survey, seeing a live performance in Las Vegas was the most popular activity of choice (80 per cent), while visiting casinos ranked second with a 72 per cent popularity vote. This is a trend that may very well be in part to the many made-in-Canada performers who have helped redefine this perennial vacation destination.

 With a steady number of Canadians travelling to Las Vegas each year, sought to understand Vegas travel trends and what aspects of the self-proclaimed ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ lures travellers the most.  Of those surveyed, one-third (33 per cent) had been to Las Vegas in the past and of those who hadn’t, almost three quarters (72 per cent) stated they would want to go.   This was especially true for female ‘Vegas Virgins’ who at 73 per cent were slightly more likely to feel the lure to travel to Las Vegas than their male counterparts (70 per cent).

Canadians prefer Vegas shows to casino woes

While numerous blockbuster movies situated in Vegas suggest visits to the casino would be the biggest draw for men, when asked which activity they would most like to do if they visited Vegas Canadian men actually gave equal preference to seeing a live performance (76 per cent each) to visiting casinos.   Similarly, the survey revealed that most Canadian women aren’t solely interested in the great shopping available in Las Vegas.  While 64 per cent of females surveyed indicated shopping was on their to-do list, the majority of Canadian women, 83 per cent, said they would prefer to catch a live performance, followed by a visit to the city’s many casinos (69 per cent).

 Vegas: A romantic getaway option travel data over the past several years confirms Las Vegas’ lure as an ideal weekend destination with vacationers staying for a typical 3 or 4 day period and booking trips for two people, on average.  This last figure is consistent with the majority of those surveyed (55 per cent) who said that, given the chance, they would most like to go to Las Vegas with their spouse or significant otherwhereas only one in five (20 per cent) would choose to go with a friend. 

 Canadians in Las Vegas

Likely because of their closer proximity to Nevada, Canadians living out west were more likely to have visited Las Vegas, starting with Albertans at 63 per cent, followed by British Columbians at 43 per cent. Ontarians checked in at 35 per cent and Quebecers at 15 per cent.  Despite the number of successful Quebec performers who have called Vegas home, including Celine Dion and Cirque du Soleil, 85 percent of Quebecers surveyed have never been to Las Vegas, though given the opportunity 76 per cent stated they would like to go.

 Finally, if by sheer luck Canadians were able to go to Las Vegas with a celebrity often associated with the city, almost a third (34 per cent) of Quebecers chose Dion, while Shania Twain was the top choice overall, for 20 per cent of Canadians