Expedia.ca's Picks: The 5 Travel Apps your can't travel without!

How technology improves travel: 5 Apps you shouldn’t travel without

It’s no secret smartphone and tablet sales are skyrocketing.  In 2011, tablet sales nearly tripled compared to 2010 results and Apple’s latest 2011 Q4 results indicated smartphone and tablet sales were their highest ever on record.  

This phenomenon isn’t surprising considering the many benefits of these sleek and slim devices and one of the biggest perks is how much they simplify travel.   Now, travellers can enjoy email, access to social networks and the internet at their fingertips without having to lug around a laptop or check into an internet cafe. 

What are the biggest travel perks offered by smartphones and tablets, according to Expedia.ca?

  • Carry less weight:  Currently, checking an overweight bag with certain carriers can cost travellers up to $75. Ditching the laptop can save precious pounds and dollars.
  • Enjoy more room:  Packing a laptop, adapter, mouse and other equipment can take up significant space in your luggage.  Smartphones and tablets are light and fit easily in a purse or carry-on.
  • Travel faster:  Powering up, shutting down and packing up a laptop is time consuming - not to mention a lengthy process when going through security.  Say goodbye to your laptop and hello to instant accessibility with smartphones and tablets.

If you are a frequent traveller and were with a smartphone or tablet, here are five essential travel apps to upload today:

  1. Maps– Finding your way around a new city when travelling can be difficult, so make navigation easier by downloading an app such as Google Maps or Lonely Planet.
  2. Hotels– Book your hotel in advance or on the go with the Expedia® Hotels appavailable for iPhone and Android devices.  The entire booking process – from start to finish – requires only four taps and offers access to more than 130,000 hotels worldwide.
  3. Currency- No one wants to over- pay. Whether you are tipping a cab or bartering with a vendor, know what the local currency is worth.  Popular Apps include XE or the Currency Converter.
  4. Translator– Being able to translate a word or phrase in mere seconds is more than helpful, it’s often essential.  From ordering dinner to finding the nearest restroom, check out popular apps like Google Translate to help with these key tasks.
  5. Weather– Know what you need to pack and how to dress day by day with the Weather Network’s  app.