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Packing & Travel Tips for Travellers

Travelling can be stressful as people are anxious to get to their destination, airports can be packed and sometimes everything seems to take longer than usual.  This year, to help ensure people’s travel is more relaxing and less taxing has a few great packing and travel tips to help travellers navigate a positive start to a well earned vacation.’s Top Packing & Travel Tips

  1. Weigh it!  - Don’t get stuck paying extra baggage fees – purchase a handheld digital weigh scale so you can weigh your bags before you leave (and then pack it to ensure you are okay coming home).  To avoid heavy bags, ensure you divide heavier items between suitcases or bring them in your carry-on.  
  2. Share the load– No one wants to be the last one waiting at an empty baggage carousel.  Considering the volume of travel during the holiday season and the potential of a lost bag, do all you can in advance to avoid the hassle.  Pack at least one spare set of clothes in your carry-on and if you are traveling with a partner – split your luggage so that if one bag is lost you won’t be stuck without any of your belongings.  
  3. Arrive Early – No one wants to be at the airport longer than needed, but arriving early means your baggage is more likely to make it on the right plane and there will be no worries that you may miss your flight while stuck in line-ups.  To make the wait more enjoyable buy a new book, download a new app for your phone, and bring games or books to keep the kids busy.
  4. Save time in line–This year, save time by playing by the rules and pre-pack liquids in a plastic bag (max 100ml placed in a re-sealable plastic bag no larger than 1 L capacity), have your laptop easily accessible, and in the winter months start unbundling your coat, boots, hats and scarves while in line so you ready to go when it’s your turn.