Travel Trends & Tips's Picks: The 5 Travel Apps your can't travel without!

How technology improves travel: 5 Apps you shouldn’t travel without

It’s no secret smartphone and tablet sales are skyrocketing.  In 2011, tablet sales nearly tripled compared to 2010 results and Apple’s latest 2011 Q4 results indicated smartphone and tablet sales were their highest ever on record.  

This phenomenon isn’t surprising considering the many benefits of these sleek and slim devices and one of the biggest perks is how much they simplify travel.   Now, travellers can enjoy email, access to social networks and the internet at their fingertips without having to lug around a laptop or check into an internet cafe. 

What are the biggest travel perks offered by smartphones and tablets, according to

Last Minute March Break Travel Tips from

Last Minute March Break Survival Tips For Families

Parents without a March Break plan face the possibility of spending their own hard-earned holidays ensuring the family isn’t bored – or worse – testing each other’s patience for an entire week. 

If March Break is suddenly only a few weeks away, booking a last-minute getaway so the whole family can unwind isn’t as impossible as it may sound.  The perfect destination can still be found for all types of families and budgets. From getting the best possible deal to ensuring the family enjoys their holiday, offers these last minute March Break travel tips.

Last minute vacations aren’t just for travellers without children. 2012 Travel Trends

2012 Travel Trends

 Upcoming travel for Canadians promises to be hot

According to a recent report releasedby Statistics Canada, Canadian residents made a record-breaking 5.1 million trips outside of the country in December of 2011.  This represents a 1.5% increase from the previous month and the first time since March 1994 that monthly travel abroad surpassed 5 million trips.  While similar reports for January and February of this year haven’t been released yet, the strong finish to 2011 travel points to a promising 2012.

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In love or playing the field;’s guide to ‘love’ly locations for Valentine’s Day

Forget sending Valentine’s Day cards professing your love to that special someone.  On the most romantic day of the year, highlighted international and local destinations where love-fools have found an increasingly popular way to publically - and securely - declare their love. 

Love locks- engraved locks of any shape and size - have been popping up on bridges, fences and other landmarks  around the world creating shrines dedicated to true love.  Popular in other parts of the world for decades, the trend has started to take hold in Canada with love lock locations reported in both Toronto and Vancouver.'s Green Travel Tips

Top Green Travel Tips from

Travel is one of the best ways to see and understand the world around us but a destination’s popularity can also put it at risk so it’s important that travellers understand what they can do to minimize their impact on the places they visit. Tourists can travel green every day with these tips from

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