Vacation Deprivation Study

Canadians Work Hard and Hardly Play Reveals 2nd Annual Vacation Deprivation Survey

-- Holidays essential to healthy relationships, yet four in ten put holiday on standby --
TORONTO, ON – August 16, 2004 – A whopping 91 per cent of Canadians who have ever taken a vacation agree that time away together enables friends, family and loved ones to reconnect; yet, more Canadians are skipping holidays and spending extra time holed up at work. According to a recent™/Ipsos-Reid poll, vacation deprivation is on the rise, with four in ten employed Canadians (38 per cent) not taking all of their yearly allotted vacation days. Besides indicating an imbalance between personal and professional time, this also represents approximately $8 billion 1 being handed back to employers in unused holidays each year.

All work and no play makes Canadians vacation-deprived, survey says

Workers hand back over $8 billion in unused vacation days

TORONTO, ON – August 15, 2003 – Although "work/life balance" has become a popular buzzword in the Canadian workplace, employees across the country are not living up to this balanced lifestyle. In fact, one-third (33 per cent) of Canadians are not taking all of their allotted vacation days, according to a recent Expedia.caTM/ Ipsos-Reid poll. This represents approximately $8 billion being handed back to employers in unused holidays each year.